Stremio IOS App – Download App for iPhone and iPad

Stremio is a streaming application which allows it’s users to watch TV Series, Channels and All Movies. Stremio is a free app available for IOS as well as for Android and Windows PC. has very unique features that that of other Streaming apps, most likely when compared to some popular apps like Netflix and Popcorn Time. Stremio IOS  App has just launched and is becoming very popular among the iPhone and iPad Users. The app is getting very good reviews and increase in the downloads on daily basis.

Stremio IOS App for iPhone and iPad Users 

Stremio IOS App for iphone ipad
Stremio IOS App

With Stremio player you can watch all kind of Serials, TV Series, and Channels on your IOS Devices as well as on your Television or Laptop using a casting device like Fire Stick or Chromecast.

To start using the application you will be required to have a Account on Stremio. If you don’t have a Stremio account, Please make sure to make one before you start using the application. You can create a account when you download the application on your Mobile. If you already have a account, Make sure to login into your account to start streaming on the App.

 Stremio IOS App – How To Free Download

Many people had asked me on how can i free download Stremio IOS app for iPhone and iPad. So, as far as i have seen that Stremio is available for free on Apple Store. This application doesn’t even charge a single penny to its users for watching stuff online whereas the app displays Google Advertising inside app while streaming to generate it’s revenue.

How to Connect Stremio for IOS with Bit Torrent to Watch Movies without Downloading them

The steps required to connect your Stremio app with Bit Torrent to enjoy unlimited streaming of movies without downloading is very easy and a iPhone or iPad starter user can also do it because Movies are something which everyone loves to watch in their free time or when they are alone.

  • Once you have downloaded and logged into the app you will have to Download the Bit Torrent Add On in the app in order to watch movies through .Torrent files. The Official Add On for Bit Torrent is VODO. You can find it on the ADD ON store of Stremio.
  • After you have finished downloading VODO on Stremio, you will be required to either copy the magnet link of the web series, movie, or show and paste it into the search bar of the application which you want to watch on stremio ios app or else if doesn’t works then you will have to download the .Torrent file on your Mobile and open it with Stremio player(Make Sure that VODO is installed before opening the Torrent File).
  • Finally You will be able to stream the movie of choice with Stremio player on iPhone and iPad using Torrents.

Why should I use Stremio App for IOS Instead of other Popular Streaming Apps

The main reason which attracts towards using Stremio app is that it is available for free on the apple store and doesn’t cost you a penny for watching any movies or web series online. It has way more features than that of the most popular apps have. Stremio player for IOS have got really good reviews on the Apple Store as well as on Google Play Store.If you are unable to download stremio for android on google playstore then you can download its apk file from our website. So, it is a must use application if you like to stream Movies, Serials, or Any Web Shows Online.


Stremio App For IOS is a Free Application which is used to watch any kind of TV Serial, Web Shows or Movies Online. You only need to register a account on the application to start using the application. You can create a playlist of the movies which you liked the most or else you can save them to watch later. The app also features a mode to stream any torrent video on the app without downloading it.

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